Monday, March 22, 2010

Blogging through The Orthodox Heretic day 28

The Empty Exchange is a parable of reconciliation. Two lifelong friends find their relationship damaged when one has an affair with the other's wife. An apology is rejected and they live years without the relationship which had been so important to both. Years later, they find reconciliation when the first rejects a second apology, understanding the pain and brokenness that had opened the door to the betrayal.

In contrast to forgiveness which may come before repentance, Pete says that repentance is a prerequisite for real reconciliation to take place. I'm chewing on this one. I think he is correct. Still, in this story, if the one wronged had made a move sooner, they may have repaired their relationship years sooner.

I find myself thinking about my closest friends and wondering whether there is anything they could do that would cause me to break off my relationship with them... and if so, how I could find reconciliation.

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