Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Blogging through the Orthodox Heretic, day 12

Being the Resurrection imagines the story of a small band of disciples who witness the crucifixion and then in their grief they flee Jerusalem, seeking a place where they can live the way Jesus had taught them. They build a small community of simplicity, love, and forgiveness... all with no knowledge of the resurrection.

After 100 years, a group of missionaries finds them. The missionaries were amazed at the community they had found and tell them the good news. That evening they celebrated, but one of the missionaries noticed that the leader was not present and sought him out. The elder spoke, "Each day we have forsaken our very lives for him because we judged him worthy of the sacrifice, wholly worthy of our being. But now, following your news, I am concerned that my children and my children's children may follow him, not because of his radical life and supreme sacrifice, but selfishly, because his sacrifice will ensure their personal salvation and eternal life."

How many times have we heard promises of eternal life filled with all of the good things we didn't experience in life? Would we follow Jesus if the promise was only suffering and an end... Are his words enough? Is the example he lived enough? What are we willing to give... and do we have to receive some kind of reward or is following enough?

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