Sunday, March 07, 2010

Blogging through The Orthodox Heretic day 14

The parable for day 14 is appropriate in some ways since I'm two days late in posting my thoughts. Life got in the way.

The title is Awaiting the Messiah. One day the Messiah decides to return to a large city. After a few days of working there, the Messiah reveals himself to a small group of faithful followers, praying for his return. When they realize who is there, they embrace him, bear witness to what they have been doing, and then ask one question... "Tell us, when will you arrive?" The Christ is said to still be there with that little group, praying with them for his return.

This one took me a while to get, especially once I read Pete's commentary. I expected that e was seeing the parable in the actions of the Church and was looking for a real incarnation. He takes it in a different direction, that of relationship, arguing that the desire for the other is born out of their presence, not their absence. It made me think of a reminder that I often give in wedding sermons to the couple... that they never cease to find delight and surprise in the other because they will never know the other completely.

Come, Lord Jesus... and continue to come as I see you just a little more clearly and know you a little more deeply each day.

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