Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blogging through The Orthodox Heretic day 23

In Blindness a scribe encounters Jesus and calls out "Have mercy on me!" Jesus stops, lays hands on him, and immediately the man becomes blind and cries in joy. Jesus tells him, "You will be blind for a while," to which he replies, "It does not matter for the moment you touched me, I saw all I ever need to see."

Again, I'll go in a different direction that Peter in his commentary... I was struck by the impossibility of reproducing a mystical experience. For some folk that leaves them lost. They have experienced the holy and when it never happens again in the same way or perhaps with the same intensity, they lose any faith. Perhaps the one experience is enough?

It also had me thinking of faith and doubt. You can read an earlier post to get my thoughts on faith and doubt as fraternal twins. Perhaps a mystical experience opens us in a new way to doubt as well as faith...

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