Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blogging through The Orthodox Heretic day 27

In some Christian (and Muslim) circles, the afterlife is the center of everything and often it is visualized in terms of the rewards of this world - mansions, golden street, crowns encrusted with gems, even beautiful young virgins... The parable, Mansions, tells us of Jesus describing just such a heaven to his disciples as they sit around a fire. One by one they fall asleep until only one poor, old, anonymous disciple and Jesus are left awake.

the poor disciple asks Jesus whether there will be room for such a one as him in such a place. After all, he has never even seen a mansion. Jesus replies that tucked away in a corner is a cramped little stable with nothing to commend it inside or out except that on a clear night the stars can be seen through the cracks... and he will live there. In this little stable, Jesus says, "you can stay with me."

What are the true treasures of faith and faithfulness? Surely they have nothing to do with gold, mansions, jewels...

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