Friday, December 12, 2008

yet more music

One of the blessings of being a hobby musician is that I get to be friends with some amazing musicians.

Miche Fambro is a monster. When he starts crooning, Mick has a voice that could melt Atilla the Hun's heart (check out his Christmas disk). He is a keyboard player and drummer, but his guitar playing is what catches my imagination. Guitar is his primary instrument these days and Mick is one of the most amazing and talented players I have ever heard. If you're a guitar player, you'll probably notice in the video that he is playing left handed. That isn't so unusual.. but then you look closer and notice that his hand positions are all wrong. That is because he plays a right-handed guitar strung normally, upside down. That makes his fingerings and voicings different from a player who plays with the lowest string at the top of the guitar. Add to that, unbelievable chops and a style that incorporates flamenco, jazz, folk, and rock and you get a performer who is basically impossible to copy.

He has a number of other videos on youtube, including a funny series called "Guitar Lessons" which are lessons about life, not paying guitar.

His catalog of cd's is pretty diverse including an electric band - Miche and the Anglos, a band with guitar, violin, cello, and percussion called Big Electric (The Chapel Sessions), and solo material.

If you get a chance to see Mick live, do so, and tell him I sent you. If you don't pick up one of his cd's at his website and be amazed.

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