Monday, December 08, 2008

times and seasons

A number of the blogs I read have been writing about Advent. My friend Fernando's has been one. Toni left a comment on one of Fernado's posts that he isn't a "times and seasons kind of person." That got me thinking.

I am a times and seasons kind of guy. That is why the church year is important to me. That is what I miss about living in California where the changes in seasons are so subtle that until you've lived here a while you don't even see them at all. That is why I drove way out of my way a few weeks ago to get the closest thing to real apple cider that I have found in California. That is why I don't get upset about my hair turning gray, my shape changing a bit, and my face becoming a bit more lined. And that is why I remind people that it isn't Christmas season until 12/25. It is Advent now as we prepare for Christmas. Christmas begins on the 25th and lasts for 12 days.

This year, it has been a bit difficult for me to get into the rhythm of Advent. In our house, we read a book together at the dinner table during Advent. We've missed more days so far than we've read and it has only been Cheryl and me at the table. Alexis has moved away and John is mostly MIA - more times and seasons in both cases. We do have our nativity sets up and the tree is decorated. We purchased the few presents we're buying this year. Now, the task is to pay more attention to my spirit and truly get ready to celebrate the coming of Jesus.


Michael Mahoney said...

I confess, Advent is a difficult time for me to "get into" - maily because it is the busiest time of the year for me. Not only am I trying to get the year settled up at work, which is daunting. But also I will spend most of November and the bulk of December preparing for out Chistmas cantata program.

For me, Advent goes way too quickly, I barely have time to stop and reflect, which is a problem, I know. I could use prayer on this matter.

On the bright side, the fact that I spend the time script writing and revising, listening to lots of music to pick the "right" songs, pulling the message together coherently keeps my head "about" Christmas - and I can never get to the mall!

Dave Miller said...

I hear the siren song of Advent, but as a congregant of a more "progressive" church, that type of liturgical emphasis is missing.

Sadly too often to the detriment of many of us.