Thursday, December 11, 2008


Guitar Acquisition Syndrome... well, not exactly... I've been jonesing for a ukulele for some time. The idea of this little guy that I can easily carry with me anywhere is very attractive.

They have become very popular with baby boomers with too much money looking for toys and there are scores of builders building incredibly beautiful instruments. The one on the right was built by Tony Graziano who also built the guitar that my daughter Alexis owns (a beautiful little guitar).

And if you think of Tiny Tim when anyone mentions ukuleles, watch Jake Shimabukuro.


Michael Mahoney said...

I thought for a sec he was going to start playing "Stairway."

I've been thinking hard about a Uke for a while now. But I want a 12-string first.

fernando said...

Ukes are cool, but I would go for a Tres or Tenor first.