Monday, February 04, 2008


I'm not a HUGE a football fan, but I grew up in Pittsburgh where football is religion so it is next to impossible to not at least be a little fan. Well... I'm more than a little fan. I'm a big fan at least of the Steelers. I began this past season that they would make it to the superbowl. Inconsistent play and an offensive line that allowed far too many sacks kept that from being anything more than a fantasy.

There is no question that the New England Patriots are a talented team. They won every game through the season. They made very few mistakes and broke lots of records. Somehow, I could not like them and every week I hoped they would lose.

Early in the season, the New England Patriots were caught cheating. They were filming the defensive play calls of an opposing team. In effect, they stole the other teams playbook. I immediately thought about what would happen if a grad student cheated on a test by stealing the questions before hand. Of course, they would be thrown out of school with no hope of being admitted into any school for a graduate program ever again. Even in High School if you're caught cheating on a test, you fail the test and perhaps the term. Well, the Patriots kept the win and were given a fine - chump change in NFL terms.

As the season went on, they ran up scores on some of the teams that they beat. Their arrogance was disgusting. When it came to the superbowl, they were picked to win by 2 touchdowns and in reality, it seemed to be a reasonable prediction. Reports came out that during the week prior to the game, their players sent invitations to players from the opposing team to come to their victory parties. They even tried to trademark "19-0."

And then the game took place and the Giants did everything right... they pressured Tom Brady, they hit the receivers, they won in the trenches on both sides of the ball and they did the one thing that no other team had been able to pull off against the Patriots, they made the big plays when they were needed. They won. And how the mighty are fallen.

I've watched every superbowl including the ones that were won by the Steelers but I don't think any win has satisfied me more than the Giants beating the Patriots.

There were a few great commercials (I really liked the e-trade commercials) and Tom Petty didn't have any wardrobe malfunctions... but best of all, the Patriots LOST!!!!!

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