Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama for President

I voted for Obama. I think he is the far stronger of the two candidates left in the Democratic party. I haven't worked for his campaign. Frankly, I'm not as happy with some of his policies as I was with some of the candidates who have withdrawn. Still, he was my choice because of some intangibles that I couldn't quite make clear.

The following video expresses those thoughts clearly. It is just under 22 minutes long but it is worth listening to the entire thing. Let Lawrence Lessig tell you why he is for Obama and if your state is still to come in the primaries, Vote Obama for the next president of the United States.

Had I seen this video a week or so ago, I think I would have been out actively campaigning for Obama.


Adam Gonnerman said...

Although I don't vote in primaries, as a rule, when the general election roles around there's a good chance Obama will get my vote.

That is, if he makes it that far.

It would be the first (and likely only) time I vote for a Democrat for president, as I tend to vote only for Libertarians (who have less than a snowball's chance in the deep Amazon of being elected).

Dennis E. McFadden said...

Here is the opinion of a right winger . . .

If it is Hillary vs. McCain - age will not be a factor; McCain will probably eke out a win on points.

If it is Obama vs. McCain - get ready for President Obama. The man is just mesmerizing! I just finished listening to his address in Madison, and (don't tell any of my friends), it almost convinced me to vote for him. And, conservatives are not happy with McCain (cf. this week's "Newsweek"). Many, like James Dobson, will sit out the election on principle. Others will vote if they "get around to it."

Even though Obama is probably a degree or two more progressive than Clinton, people like him and often hate her. I can imagine some dissatisfied conservatives even voting for Obama, simply because he is so amazingly hopeful and charismatic, quite apart from ideological concerns.

Plus a vigorous, dynamic Obama up against a tired and lackluster McCain will not be much of a contest.