Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Station Fifteen

Station Fifteen - Resurrection!

The traditional Stations of the Cross end with the 14th station, "Jesus Body Is Laid in the Tomb." As Protestants who stand outside that tradition, we felt that the story was incomplete. Good Friday must be followed by Easter Sunday. Death must give way to life. God's love transforms the whole order of creation. So, our Stations include a 15th Station - Resurrection. As you see it is the brightest of the paintings. It is also the largest, symbolizing the fact that the resurrection gives meaning to all that went before.

Prayer for the Fifteenth Station

When I am in the darkest night, remind me of the coming dawn. Creator, the One who made everything, remind me that you have transformative power. In your compassionate arms, evil is made good, ugly made beautiful, weak made strong, dead made to live. Allow me to receive your compassion so that I may transform lives around me.

Hear my earnest prayer, O God

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