Saturday, February 23, 2008

Partscaster progress

Things are almost finished with the partscaster.

Here's the body with 6 coats of tung oil, the shielding, and the studs for the floating bridge installed. Looks pretty good doesn't it?

Here's the headstock with my little logo. It was dark when I applied it and I couldn't see as well as I would have liked in the garage... so it is a little crooked and there is a cat hair underneath it. Oh well.

I had a few pieces of exotic woods sitting in the garage that I've been waiting to use for something for over 20 years... so I cut a truss rod cover from a piece of stripped ebony. I don't have the proper tools so the line isn't quite even but I like the rustic look. I put one coat of tung oil on it.

and here it is with everything assembled...

which leads us to the almost part... I plugged it in and there is a problem with the fancy switch I added. It splits the bridge pickup when you combine that pickup with the single coils so 4 of 5 of the pickup selections are humbucking. Well, it is splitting the pickup but to the wrong coils so I have single coil hum in two positions that should be hum free. I'm trying to find out which wires to move so that it will work correctly and then we'll be set to go. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have an answer and maybe have it ready to play in church in the morning.


fernando said...

I love oil finish guitars.

I don't have an oil finish guitar.

We can see how this will end.

Charles Telep said...

Hey Roy, nice guitar!!

I've got a question for you. Did you use decal paper for the headstock logo? And, if so, did you just finish the headstock with oil?

All my research points me to lacquer, and I'd love to hear that only using oil works well!

BTW, I'm building a Tele!

Thanks, Charles

roy said...


Have fun! There is something just special about teles...

It is decal paper that I ran through my ink jet printer. I purchased it off e-bay.

I did spray a satin poly on the decal paper and let that dry so I could use water to transfer the decal. Then, I masked off everything else on the guitar and sprayed just the front of the headstock with the satin poly to cover the decal. It protects the decal without gumming up anything else. The body and back of the neck of the guitar is all tung oil, which I really like.

I built a previous partscaster with lacquer on the body and tru-oil on the neck... I prefer tung oil.

Charles Telep said...

Awesome, thanks Roy. I think I'll follow your lead and spray a satin finish on the headstock alone.

I have Tru-Oil for the body and neck. It's glossy, and has a nice honey color on the ash.


Charles Telep said...

Any news on the sound? Looks killer! Hopefully it plays like it looks!