Saturday, October 04, 2008

VP debate

The good news was that Sarah Palin was able to make a complete sentence and even a paragraph. After the interviews, that was in question. The bad news was that the also's, winks, and awe shucks did nothing to show that she is ready to lead the free world. It seemed very clear that she had either memorized or had written a number of pat answers that reflect the campaign's talking points and damn the questions, that was what she was going to say. And even then she didn't get it right. Listen to her answers about global warming. The syntax is all off... she has human activity being the result of global warming and not the other way around.

She is unqualified for the job of VP and way under qualified for the position of president, a role which a McCain VP just might have to assume. Would she ever be ready? I don't know but she sure isn't now and no amount of cramming before January will fix that.

I participate in an on-line Christian Musicians Forum on the Christian Music Radio site. There are some great folk on there, most of whom are pretty conservative both theologically and politically. Many were very unhappy with McCain as the Republican nominee, to the point that some said they would not vote in the upcoming election. When Palin was chosen as McCain's running mate, many of those same folk were thrilled. Her social ad theological views fit theirs very well. They were energized to vote again. We heard similar thoughts from Dobson and others.

It seems very clear that Palin got the nod as a strategy to reach out to those voters. That she is an attractive woman only helped in a number of other ways. And a Downs Syndrome child certainly shows that she is serious about her anti-abortion stance. It was a good strategy, or at least seemed to be early on. Here's the rub. McCain has been chanting the mantra - "country first" all along. Choosing a completely unqualified person as VP just to get votes shows that he doesn't put country first. He doesn't care about the future of the US at all or he would have chosen the best possible running mate, both strategically and for the future of the country should the unthinkable happen. He did not. He put his ambition first, before the future of the US and the welfare of the entire world. That makes him unworthy of a single vote.

Of course, there is the other possibility. Maybe he actually believes she is capable of becoming president the day after the inauguration. If that is true, his judgment is so flawed that he doesn't deserve a single vote. In either case, Sarah Palin proves that John McCain cannot be allowed to become president.


Jeff said...

Or perhaps he believes that keeping Obama from becoming President and turning the US into a socialist nation, increasing the reach of government in the private sector, is the best thing for this country.

Whatever it takes to beat Obama is best for this nation. Obama should be held responsible for his part in this housing crisis. His work with ACORN is largely responsible for getting people loans who couldn't afford them in the first place. He has no idea how to run a country or what is best for the country and his Messiah complex makes him unworthy of a single vote.

But...people are sheep so they will vote for him, I'm sure of that.

Toni Ertl said...

"The good news was that Sarah Palin was able to make a complete sentence and even a paragraph"

Roy - please don't sink to the level of the good pastors on CMF. Whether Palin really IS God's choice or just the cynical choice of the GOP, you need to rise above it. The more you get tied in knots by this scheme of satan, the less you'll be able to hear God over it.

Personally I am sickened at the behaviour I've seen from those who are supposedly mature in their faith.

fernando said...

My take is slightly different. I recall Palin making some news back in October of last year and I thought she was someone with potential for the future. With a decade of grooming, travel and policy education to build upon what she had going for her, she might have become a good politician - maybe even someone who could have led well.

Her current blink-free persona is a reflection of who she has been encouraged to become in order to stand now. She lacks the gravitas for the role in the same way that people who are put on stage or in the pulpit too soon lack the voice.

In the end that is not a commentary on who they could have become as much as a commentary on the judgement of those who elevated them. After all, isn't Maverick just another way of saying cowboy?