Friday, October 24, 2008

back to the election

We've all heard that the RNC paid $150,000 at Saks and Neiman Marcus for a new wardrobe for Sarah Palin. Enough has been said about that.. but there is more.

Guess who was the highest paid individual on the McCain campaign payroll during the first two weeks of October... Amy Strozzi. Who is that? Sarah Palin's make-up artist! She was paid $22,800 for the first two weeks of October for making sure that Sarah's face matched her new threads. And the 4th highest paid person on the McCain payroll was Angela Lew who received $10,000 for that same two week period. Ms. Lew is Palin's hair stylist.

What does this tell us about the priorities of a McCain/Palin ticket?


fernando said...

I'm actually speechless...

Toni Ertl said...

It tells you that they understand the depth and integrity of American voters, and where their priorities lay. It also tells you that they understand Sarah Palin is the pivot about which their campaign is turning.

I see it as no less moral than the vaster sums being spent on TV advertising. C'mon - it's not as if she's even going to 'enjoy' the clothes. It is as legitimate an expense as flying entourages across your country for meetings and rallies because it's all part of the same thing. How much will this election have cost? I've seen figures suggesting >$5billion.

There's no case to answer here.

roy said...

you're right Toni. The amount of money spent on the presidential campaign in the US is obscene.

Still, the irony of spending these amounts on clothing, make-up, and hairstyling while calling the other candidate "elitist" is interesting isn't it?

mike said...

hmmm...have you checked on the same things in the Obama campaign? Probably not as your goal was to smear McCain/Palin. Well done...(sigh)

roy said...

no Mike... but then I didn't search for these details regarding McCain/Palin. I didn't have to smear them, they did a good job for themselves... the details were out there for anyone to see, published by the NY Times. If you have some accurate details regarding Obama that are worth sharing, I'd love to see them. I've seen lots of lies and half truths.

fernando said...


L and I chatted about this and she did the math of how many "looks" they were trying to construct from that budget. Part of what makes it ugly is that it feels like a whole new wardrobe from scratch - which is surely a metaphor for the whole Palin contribution to the campaign, too much, too soon, too fast and with too little planning.

But, I have to agree there is a deep irony here. Toni is right that in terms of the greater cost of this circus, it's a drop in the ocean. It's also a consequence of the intensity of media glare and, to be blunt, the reality that any woman in the spotlight will be judged more harshly by what they wear.

Accepting that is fine, up to a point. But, the moment you have personal styling services, private consultants briefing you, access to key opinion leaders and real political clout you are not joe or jane average anymore and pretending to be otherwise is disingenuous.