Monday, October 27, 2008

No on 8, #7

I hadn't really thought about the yes on 8 campaign as being anti-family but the way it is exploiting children for its end is just that, especially when they are using images of children without the consent of the parents. Cynical is a kind word to describe those who use children to further their own political goals while claiming to be supporting family values.


Michael Mahoney said...

The hypocracy of these people is laughable. They organize a trip for school children to attend a gay wedding, call the media to be there to film it, and then whine about someone else using the (now public domain) footage. And or course, they could have opted of the original story, but that one suited their purposes.

I suppose it's OK when they exploit their own children for political purposes.

Well, I guess if you can't aruge something on the merits....

roy said...

Come on Michael... you may feel it was OK for your children to appear in a pro-life ad or in a news report showing advocacy for a pro-life position... but how would you feel if someone used their images in a pro-choice ad without your permission?

Michael Mahoney said...

I'd be pretty ticked off. And I might even complain about it.

I'd certainly want to be on record pointing out what the purpose of the event actually was, and why my children were participating, and that I (and they) supported pro-life. I don't blame this woman for that one bit.

I would not decry the opposition for using children for political currency if that's what I had done. In that, she's a hypocrite.

What the "No on 8" crowd is doing, mainly, seems to be (from an outside observer) is spending more time talking about the "Yes on Prop 8" crowd, and little time on Prop 8. I thought liberals didn't like attack politics.

I love the news out there, too. KSBY has a headling that pro-8 groups are accused of "threataning" companies that support the no-8 folks. Since when is a boycott "threatening?" The top of their webpage says "Balanced News you can trust." HA!

fernando said...

I went and had a look at the ad in question and it is pretty ugly. I don't like kids being used for political gain regardless of the cause but it's even uglier when kid's images are exploited without consent.