Thursday, February 08, 2007

We know how it happened

Now we know how it happened, how Ted Haggard became gay and then stopped in only three weeks. It all had to do with the music he listened to! He must have been listening to Rufus Wainwright, Cole Porter, and Metallica which made him gay. And then he listened to The Dresedn Dolls, P.O.D., and Michael W. Smith which made him straight again.

There's a page at a website called lovegodsway (I won't put the link here as the site is so disgusting and offensive, if you want to go there, you'll have to find it yourself) that tells us how people become gay... listening to the wrong music! They have a list of 85 performers that if listened to, will make you become gay! It includes some artists who are known for being gay like Elton John and kd lang but it also includes some very non-gay folk like Frank Sinatra and Ted Nugent! And then there is Ravi Shankar? Surprisingly, Prince is not on the list!

They also have a list of 17 "safe" bands - boy I would hate to be on that list - mostly Christian rock bands although Cyndy Lauper is on there too. I guess it is OK for girls having fun to show their true colors.

BTW, the bands in the first paragraph are on the respective lists. Go figure.

Hey, I know the power of music. Lyrics do make a difference as it influences the way we see the world and melody and rhythm is important as it shapes who we are and carries a message past our conscious mind. I love the beat of some hip hop and appreciated the political content of some early rap but there is no way I'd ever play or listen to some of the racist, misogynistic garbage that is out there. And to whatever degree possible, I try to keep my 17 year old son and the kids in my church youth group from listening to it. I don't want that influence in their lives.

That is what music can do. Listening to music won't make you gay... but it might change the way you look at gay folk or anybody else for that matter. You may suddenly see someone as not terribly different than you - just trying to be loved and to love, to make a difference, to be important, to experience beauty and wonder, even to experience God in their lives... and when that happens, it is a good thing. So, hey, be careful what you listen to, you might end up more compassionate and loving... like Jesus. I guess, I'll listen more to the 85 "gay" bands (except Ted Nugent).

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The site is actually a hoax/parody. "Donnie Davies" is actually an actor named Joey Oglesby.

Story here:

Among other places.