Thursday, February 01, 2007

Molly Ivins Rest in Peace

Molly Ivins died of cancer yesterday at the age of 62. I loved reading her columns. She was a tireless crusader for I what I think is right but always did so with a sense of humor and an obvious humility. She was a true democrat, not necessarily the party "democrat" but the concept that the power of government resides in the hands of the people. As she said in response to the president, "We are the deciders." I will miss reading her thoughts.

Her final calls were to end the war in Iraq and by inference, to stop one from taking place with Iran. Molly, I will do what I can to follow your lead on these issues. Rest in peace.

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lildb said...

Molly Ivins ruled. I totally appreciate your thoughts in this particular post; wish my parents were the kinda christian you seem to be. (a thinking one.)

thanks for stopping by my blog, and for commenting! :) I'm glad to have been led back here - I always dig finding out about the existence of prog christians like you.