Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ted Haggard again...

Well, the news is out. After 3 weeks of intensive counseling, Ted Haggard has discovered that he is 100% heterosexual. Evidently the "feelings he battled that were contrary to his beliefs" disappeared after these sessions. So now, he is going to become a psychologist.

Well, well, well... I've got a bunch of thoughts about this. First, three weeks? Come on. Commitments might be made. Directions chosen. But a complete re-orientation of who a person is in three weeks. Doesn't happen folk. Now, I know that the crowd who believe that gayness can be cured will say that God can do anything... agreed. But, there are some things that God just doesn't do. God doesn't change a person's skin color. God doesn't change a person's gender. God doesn't change a person's orientation. The news is out and Ted is back in... the closet that is. Poor Ted is in for yet another fall and his family will suffer yet again.

Second, I wouldn't send anyone to see a psychologist who is that filled with denial. Nobody with his theology in the position he was in would have risked everything over a fleeting feeling. The Re. Tim Ralph, one of his counselors is quoted as wondering, "Why Haggard chose to act out in that manner is something Haggard and his advisers are trying to discern." I can answer that quickly and easily. There was something deep at his core going on... he is gay. You don't change that in three weeks of counseling. It may very well be that three weeks of brain-washing has him believing what he is saying, but it will come out again.


Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


I agree! Three weeks doesn't make a change. Last night on Anderson Cooper, the current President of the Ex-Gay ministry, Exodus International agreed that such things simply don't happen overight. But for publicity purposes I guess this works -- as a way of "restoring" his honor. But only time will tell.

fernando said...

I saw the same CNN show Pastor Bob did, and it was really sad viewing.

Maybe after three weeks he could feel a renewed commitment to tackle the problem but that's about it. Please Ted, just go an live your life quietly for a decade and then come and tell us how you feel.

Tom said...

The longer I live, the more I am amazed that I was ever part of the "Christian Right." I remain theologically conservative however but socially? Heading Giuliani's way. He just might pass me on his way to the right!

Abou this particular post, I have speculated as to the veracity of these intensive 3 week programs myself. Same claim was made by Southern Gospel artist Kirk Talley.