Friday, February 23, 2007

the finger

well, today the splint came off my finger. I have to say that I hesitated to take it off for fear of what I'd discover. The doctor had said that the first concern would be that it was straight, then, that I could bend it, and finally, that it would straighten out again.

Well, it is straight... but I can't bend it. Hopefully that is just the stiffness of being immobile for 6 weeks in a splint and that it will loosen quickly over the coming days. I haven't tried playing guitar with it yet but will do so before the day is over.

Send your good thoughts my way and your prayers God's... if it doesn't loosen up I will be one seriously depressed camper.


Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


Good news there! We'll pray that you're playing away on that guitar of yours!

Jon said...

Roy, while I was on vacation over Christmas, I made a drip castle on the beach. My toes were dug into the sand in the same position for an hour. They would not bend afterwards, and it took several minutes in the ocean (where I was lighter) to get past the pain of walking. …That was just 1 hour, I can't imagine 6 weeks. Hang in there!

Ryan said...

On both occasions that I have broken my wrist, I was unable to bend my wrist for a couple weeks. I had to go to therapy a couple times a week for over a month to gain movement back in my will pass, and you will gain all movement in your finger so you will be able to play the guitar again. Its just the interim that sucks.