Monday, February 19, 2007

Sara Groves

This past weekend, my son John competed in the Southern Sectionals of the CIF in wrestling (high school). They took place oin La Quinta which is about 230 miles from where I live.

I had to go. John is a senior and there was a real possibility that this would be his final high school wrestling tournament (it was). My wife was on call so I had to go alone. So, I jumped in my car and headed for the desert. First I have to say that the desert always captures my imagination. There is something about the stark beauty of the place that just grabs me. I think I'd like to live there sometime but, truth be told, I've not spent any significant time in the desert in the summer. It was close to 90 degrees in La Quibta when I was there but there was still some snow visible on the San Bernadino Mountains... amazing.

Anyway, I spent a bunch of hours alone in the car listening to CDs. I took Sara Groves 2005 release - .Add to the Beauty with me. I hadn't listened to it for some time. It is a wonderful CD - mature themes... literate & artculate. It is really worth a listen if you're not familiar with it. A few lines are still running through my head - "love wash over a multitude of things, make us whole" from When It Was Over and the quote from John Eldridge in Just Showed Up for My Own Life - "the glory of God is a man fully alive." Lots to chew on.

Thank you Sara! I'm really looking forward to your next CD.

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