Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Hooters

I've been feeling nostalgic a bit these days and was going through videos of some of my old favorite bands from Philly on Youtube... The Hooters was our favorite band back from about 1980-84 or so. We were HUGE fans of the earliest incarnation of the band and still really liked them as they became more commercial. You may or may not remember them, but the main songwriters - Eric Bazilian (Cheryl had a crush on him back in the day) and Rob Hymen - wrote songs that you certainly do remember - True Colors and One of Us come immediately to mind.

Well, I ended up looking at some old Hooters videos, followed a link to Eric Bazilian's myspace page and discovered that they have toured some recently and even released a new CD in '07.

This is a video from that CD... I love it and will likely use the song at some time as "special music" in church.


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

That was good. Liked it. Agree with you --- that could be a whole series of Sundays built around that song/video.

Michael Mahoney said...

I remember them playing at my college in '86. I think "And We Danced" is the only song I really remember these days, but I remember likeing their energy. Seems like they still have it.