Sunday, July 06, 2008

update on the Gap fire

The fire fighters have done an amazing job and have saved 100's of homes. Our house was within about 4 blocks of the mandatory evacuation area and the flames came within less than a mile of our house. scary.

at this point the fire has burned just under 10,000 acres but is controlled for the most part along the populated areas in Goleta. The smoke and ash comes and goes with the winds. We can't see active flames on the mountain any more but there are numerous plumes of smoke rising from the mountains.

The mandatory evacuation areas are much smaller and most of the folk who had to leave their homes have been allowed back. Life is feeling closer to normal.

here's a video news report from an LA television station about the evacuations. Don and Judy are members of our church as is Elaine who you see shaking hands with the governator. They were all back in their homes on Saturday.

The best coverage of the fire is being provided by the local alternative newspaper
The Independent. They have done an outstanding job, so if you are interested in learning more about the fire, follow the link.

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Michael Mahoney said...

It's good to hear that things are getting back to normal, and they have this thing under control. I can't imagine having to deal with that. God bless!