Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama on Race

that's why I'm hoping that he becomes our next president.

that's why the world needs Obama to be the next leader of the United States


Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


I too find this too be a most historic statement and a clue to the kind of president he would be!

Don said...

I am white, middle aged, middle class, Christian male. I play guitar at my church. I love the Lord and try to emulate his guide to live by. I like your music and pray for your ministry.
O's speech was brilliant but was not very effective at relieving me from the huge feeling of him being a stranger..an unknown factor. I am glad that his relationship with his spiritual mentor has been exposed. Obama is now revealed to be at best just another lying, disparate for power at any cost politician. Worse case scenario for Obama is that he is part of an agenda to redistribute wealth, punish the wealthy/successful and socialize our country. Do not vote for him. He will destroy this country. We will have a new round of racial violence that will further drag our lifestyle and our freedoms down.

Watch John Adams on HBO read about Thomas Jefferson and the miracle of the American constitution. Then vote for the leaders that understand the absolute necessity to preserve our liberty. Too bad there are none to choose from in this election for President. Choose the lesser of the evil and then find local leaders that can and will stand for freedom and liberty.
Obama sounds more like Marx than Jefferson.


roy said...


thanks for leaving your thoughts. And thanks for the prayers. They are always appreciated.

Obviously we don't agree on Obama. You see just another politician. I see hope for something better and different. Only time will tell who is right. I hope t is me ;-)