Sunday, March 16, 2008

someone is wrong on the internet

I participate in a number of mostly guitar related forums online but one I frequent is a the Christian Musician Forum. There are some wonderful folk who visit the list and I enjoy their online company... most of the time. It is one of the few boards I frequent that allows discussion of political topics. It also often has theological threads. In both cases, many of the views of the participants are far to the right of mine. I haven't learned to keep quiet and as my friend Toni, has reminded me, sometimes disagreeing causes more light than heat. Still, I find myself identifying with this cartoon that Toni had on his blog.

The cartoon comes from xkcd. Go there and do the mouse over to see the rest of the text. Thanks Steve!


Steve said...

Hey Roy, that's from a comic on my daily read list called xkcd - in the interest of giving proper credit. It's worth visiting the site and reading the alt text that show when you mouseover the image. :)

roy said...

thanks Steve for pointing me to your page. I corrected my blog to give credit and send people your way. Some wonderful stuff there.