Thursday, March 22, 2007


I bought my first computer a looonnngggg time ago - for those of you who know that ancient history, it was a Kaypro 2 like the one in the photo. The computer had 64K of memory, used 5 1/4 inch single sided double density floppies, and had this awful green CRT screen that only displayed text. The operating system was CPM which pre-dated even DOS. I've never had enough disposable cash to be a real tech-head but I've had a bunch of computers since then, as often as not, trailing edge technology. (I even had a TRS80 notebook that came stock with 8K of memory and no drive of any kind!!!)
Well, this week I took the leap and bought a new laptop. For years, I went with desktops because you got more for your money and could easily update them. My desktop at home has no parts left from the original computer except the case. This time, I was seduced by the lure of a sexy laptop with 2 G of memory, a big hard drive, and Vista home premium. So far the computer seems to be fine although I had nothing but trouble wth Easy Transfer. All I can say is that it wasn't easy, wasn't quick, and in the end, didn't work very well. Oh well. I'll be trying to move data for a while...
I am really looking forward to sitting at the local coffee shop and blogging in public. Of course, that means I won't have any excuse to not provide you good readers with fresh content.

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Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Yes, I remember those KayPros. I never had one, but I remember them. Like you I've had my share of computers. And each time I spend about the same amount, and each time I get more. Wow, if only gas would do the same!!!