Thursday, February 09, 2006


Extravagance... it is one of my favorite words these days. God is amazingly extravagant! Extravagant love... extravagant beauty... and now extravagant wonder

Scientists have discovered a slew of new species and a few that were thought to be extinct in a remote section of the jungle in Indonesia. One of the species - long-beaked echidnas - at least in this region obviously has no history with human beings and wasn't afraid to allow the scientists to pick it up and carry it back to camp! Amazing

here's a slide show from the expedition including both animals and plants.

extravagant wonder!


Ryan said...

Amazing stuff!! A lost world! I especially like the golden-mantled tree kangaroo.

Rob said...

I really dig that new kangaroo that they found. If only I could get one as a pet. They are so much cuter than cats.