Tuesday, May 02, 2006

flying boy

My son John has always enjoyed sports... and he is a big guy (6'2" and 270 as a jr. in high school). At that size he tried football his freshman year but dislocated his knee and decided against it. He really enjoyed baseball but doesn't move as quickly as some of the smaller guys. This year he found a new sport - wrestling. He has been at a bit of a disadvantage because many of the other wrestlers have been doing it since elementary school. Still, he has enjoyed it and is improving.

Last week he went to a state tournament in Greco-Roman style wrestling which emphasizes upper body strength. The dramatic happened when in one of his matches the other wrestler performed a move called a supplex. Well that is them in the photo. John is the one in the blue singlet. If you could see his face it is no doubt a look of surprise - nobody can pick up and throw someone who weighs 270... or so he and we thought.


Jon said...

Huh? Wrestling in elementary school??

roy said...

yeah... the clubs begin with early elementary school kids.

shyblond2005 said...

Hey John John Roy and Sheryl Its Chrystal aka Chrissy!!! I found it!! sweetie you got so bigg i cant wait until you can come back to visit Matts excited and im excited im at a friends house right now but I love you sweetie my email address is shyblond2005@hotmail.com love you john john