Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Big Lie

Our economy requires unemployment.  It requires that there be poor folk without jobs to keep the costs down for low skilled jobs.  If you sat any Republican down and asked whether they really want 0% unemployment, if they were being honest, they'd say, "Absolutely not.  If we had 0% unemployment who would work at McDonalds or Walmart?  What would happen to prices?  What would happen if some sector decided to go on strike and there was nobody available to replace them?  We need people without jobs who are looking for work to drive wages down."    For that reason, I find comments like the one in the video below to be particularly offensive.  Even if it was true, it would be impossible... get real, where would we put all of the golf courses?   The reality is that Romney does not want you or me to get rich and he certainly doesn't want everyone to get rich. 

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Michael Mahoney said...

Oh, the outrage! A guest compliments a host on his nice house, and then makes a targeted joke to a group of like-minded people! OH NOES! A politician using hyperbole. What shall we do? A presidential candidate reminding people that hard work can pay off. It's a scandal!

Forgive the sarcasm, but how is this news? I imagine any - any - politician in a private fundraiser in front of loyal supporters acts differently than they would for the general public. This is indicative of nothing other than the fact that Mitt is getting a better sense of humor. Or am I supposed to actually believe the president thinks pit bulls are more delicious than soccer moms?

What I find amusing is the cries from the left to boycott Papa John's, which will last exactly as long as the time until Schnatter's next Democratic fundraiser. (yes, he does those, too.)