Saturday, February 20, 2010

ahhh... Santa Barbara Wines

We had to run some errands today in Lompoc, a little town north and west of Santa Barbara just west of the wine area known as the Santa Rita Hills. There are a few small wineries in Lompoc, mostly there because they can't afford the real estate prices in the sexier places like Solvang or Los Olivos. They tend to make wines that grow well in the ocean breezes of the Santa Rita Hills like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

After the errands, we decided to stop and do a tasting at two wineries we had heard great things about but never visited - Ampelos & Dragonette. They share a production facility and only do tastings on the weekends - Wonderful wines and great people. We had Pinots we loved at both wineries and bought a few bottles.

As a teaser for those of you who've never visited the greater Santa Barbara area, while tasting, Morena Baccarin from the television show, "V," came in with a friend/significant other for a tasting while we were there. Seemed to be a very cool person and knew her wines.

Tasting with an alien? Just another day in paradise...

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Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Hey, that's a good blurb for little old Lompoc. Of course, I pastored there for 4 years -- good people. Never tasted the wines there, but then I took a different route back to SB!

You should come and try some Michigan wines -- sweeter, not as dry.