Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Back east, we called this kind of dancing "the Bennington Noodle" after the sort of hippie dancing we imagined students at Bennington College did and which we often saw at jam band concerts... It is less than rhythmic and certainly not graceful, but it is filled with joy.

A week or so ago, Len Sweet posted a link to Eugene Cho's blog with some discussion of the above video. Sweet tweeted that an entire theology of evangelism could be written from the video. (thank to both of you for sharing this fun video)

I think he's right. I think there is lots here to talk about. I think the video really points up the need in younger generations to be a part of something bigger than they are and to experience a sense of community. It points out the need to stand up for what is in our hearts even when it looks silly... and if we do, it might just become contagious. It underscores the need for a few early adopters. Most importantly for me though, it points to the deep down joy of just letting loose and experiencing the moment. That thought is underscored by the Old Testament reading in this week's lectionary readings - 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12-19 where David dances before the Ark.

In my sermon prep I read that the word in Aramaic for dance is the same as the word for rejoice... So let us rejoice! or dance! or noodle! and not be concerned if it looks silly.


Jon Reid said...

Remarkable. Thanks for bringing it together with Len Sweet's juicy tidbit and your observations. There's something wonderfully ALIVE about this.

Anonymous said...

Dancing is a way to let go to express yourself and i for one love it.