Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have wanted a Steelers jersey for years, the problem was, which one?

While the Steelers have always had great players, they have often been at positions that don't have a lot of sex appeal. For example, Pittsburgh has been known for its linebackers. Everybody knows quarterbacks and running backs and even receivers, but linebackers? James Harrison received the award for defensive player of the year, the best in the league right now, but a lot fewer people know his name than even the middle bunch of QB's. So, I thought about his number... 92. And the other three linebackers are even less well known but are all amazing players and equally important to the Steelers defense - Foote, 50, Farrior, 51, Woodley, 56. I actually found a Farrior jersey at a local store but it was the away color - white and I wanted a black one.

I thought about Hines Ward's number too, 86. Now as a receiver, his position has a bit more sex appeal and more people know his name. The piece that attracted me to his number is that he is a workhorse. He does whatever is necessary for the team to win. And he always comes up smiling. He just exudes joy when he is playing.

Lastly, I thought about Troy Polamolu, 43. He certainly is the most well known of the Steelers defense. Anyone who watches football recognizes his mane of black hair flowing as he charges across the field. He plays with the same intensity and abandon that I enjoy in guitar players (think Jeff Beck). He is not a big guy - 5'10" and 207 lbs - but he doesn't hesitate to tackle one of the 250 pound running backs coming at him at full speed. It doesn't hurt that he is a man of faith - Eastern Orthodox. His number was easy to find so here we are. Tomorrow, I'm wearing my #43 jersey to church.

Go Steelers


Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Oh, why not be retro and choose Jack Lambert's jersey? Or Mean Joe? Maybe Terry or Franco?

Oh, and as in the 70s, I will rooting for the Steelers tomorrow.

Dave Miller said...

The 92 jersey would have been a little too prophetic for a Baptist.