Wednesday, September 17, 2008

stupid things

I've done some pretty stupid things in my day. I'm sure my wife would refuse to share them but if forced, she could come up with a formidable list. This past week I did a whopper. We moved.

Now that doesn't sound like much but we had a wedding a month ago and I took time off to help pull that all together. We have a construction project at the church in a community where construction is always an exercise in frustration and more frustration. So in the midst of that, we purchased a condo... 35 miles away because that was the closest we could afford that we felt like we could live in. Because of everything going on, I only took off a day or two to get ready for the move and none afterwards (you're beginning to sense the stupid part right?). And my spouse's colleagues were on vacation so she had to work some extra hours. Then on Thursday at 3:10, I awakened to a kidney stone attack... which didn't pass until Monday. Of course, the Uhaul and everything else was reserved for Saturday.

So we moved our stuff (well... 98% of it) but we haven't had time to get settled in. We have only two chairs that are accessible in the new house, no television, no internet, no telephone, no place of respite. After a long day's work and a beautiful but still 35 mile commute, we're too tired to work on things and don't have much time anyway until we have to get up for the next day of work.

There is a good part too. Our beds are made. We have a vision of what might be... hopefully some day soon. And, we're homeowners in an area of the world we have come to love.

Still, moving without adequate time to prepare and to unpack is just plain stupid.

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