Friday, September 05, 2008

Jon Stewart

After watching John McCain's speech last night, Cheryl said, let's watch Jon Stewart. I love Jon Stewart.


Matthew Sampson said...

I love John Stewart as well. It's true that many of the talking heads he has clips of are part-time douchebags. But I still don't think that it is anything that shows that McCain/Palin is not a kick-ass ticket. I think Obama is in trouble...Obama-Mania peaked too soon and Biden definitely contributes to the bore factor...not to long ago, Biden himself didn't have very nice things to say about Obama. The fact that Biden is the VP on the ticket is mind-boggling to me at best.

I'm not anti-Obama, although I do not want him to be elected president, as I think McCain is better for our nation. However, if Obama does win, I will give him my full support and see if he can accomplish all the "change" that he has been talking about. If he is elected, he deserves a chance to prove himself. I hope those on the Obama ticket will give McCain the same fair chance if he is elected.

Michael Mahoney said...

I've loved listening to Stewart for years. Funny stuff, I will admit.

But does anyone, even Republicans, still listen to Karl Rove?

Dave Miller said...

Matthew, it is a great ticket, for the GOP. But it does show that the GOP has made a political choice for VP, something they cannot even bring themselves to admit.

I have touched on this as well on my blog.

Great clip Roy.

roy said...


time will tell whether Obama is in trouble... I think McCain is dangerous. I haven't decided whether Palin is more or less so I'll blog about that more later and look forward to replies.

I think lots of people still listen to Rove, especially behind closed doors and isn't one of the chief strategists of McCain's campaign, Steve Schmidt, a disciple of Rove?