Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama Wins in Iowa

I have to say that Obama is not my perfect candidate... but he has a quality or two than none of the others have. He brings the possibility of substantive change and he has the ability to inspire. I thought Bill Clinton had the possibility of substantive change (didn't work out that way) and he certainly inspired some folk, but Obama brings a lot more of both to the table. And both are qualities I think America and the world desperately needs right now.

Last night I switched the channel to see where things were in the Iowa caucuses and got really lucky. Obama was speaking and his speech was electrifying. If you haven't seen it. First two quotes that stand out...

"We are one nation and one people and the time for change has come!"

"We are choosing hope over fear... change is coming to America!"

Here's the entire speech.

I have to say that I was leaning his way before tonight. Now, I pretty solidly in his camp. I'd vote for any of the Dems over any of the Republicans but wouldn't vote for at least one of them happily. At this point though, for me, it is Obama in '08!

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Dennis E. McFadden said...

Obama gave an electrifying speech. In gravitas and cadance, it reminded me of Martin Luther King, Jr. His politics are far from mine. But, at least he is more than an empty suit (e.g., Romney and Edwards) or a purely calculating politician (e.g., Rudy or Hilliary). Plus, it is way cool that he did soooo well in a state with a 93% white population. If the DEMs nominate him, he will be a formidable opponent in the general election.