Thursday, April 12, 2007

Habitat for Humanity

Today I am thrilled about two things.

The first is that this etry has nothing to do with Travis Armstrong. nuff said.

The second is that this morning was the dedication for the first completed Habitat project in Santa Barbara - three homes on Via Lucero. It was a wonderful ceremony as we celebrated the work of hundreds of volunteers, businesses, government agencies, family members who have now become homeowners, and the Habitat board and staff. It is only three homes but they are a symbol that we can make a difference. Of course, they are much more than symbols to the three families whose lives are forever changed because they now are owners of a piece of this community.

Soon a second project will begin that will have at least four homes. May this be just the start of many many projects providing houses for deserving folk and a permanent place in the community for these families.

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