Friday, October 20, 2006

Ken Lay gets off

Some months ago, I blogged about Ken Lay. Some folk thought I went overboard when I advocated that his decendants should continue to pay the vicitms of his crimes. After all, wealth and position open doors of opportunity that don't get opened otherwise. Lay's children, grandchildren, etc. would all continue to benefit from his crime even after he was convicted and punished.

Well, Lay was convicted of everything and was awaiting sentencing when he died. The government was poised to seize about $44 million in assets that he got illegally. Well, he died before sentencing and a federal judge in Houston this week wiped away the conviction because Lay had not had the opportunity to appeal it before his death.

So... Lay's family keeps the $44 million and those whose lives were turned upside down by his fraud, some of whom literally lost everything and whose children and grandchildren will have fewer opportunities because of his crimes... well, they get nothing.

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Dave Miller said...

I found the Ken Lay issue positively infuriating! Roy, I have appreciated your views on the ABC. As a long time member of various ABC families both here in So Cal and Nevada, I have been pained to see what our churches are having to go through.