Thursday, October 12, 2006

convenient scapegoat

If it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny to listen as Republican leaders have tried to blame Democrats for the Foley mess. In spite of the growing evidence that the leaders in the house had received multiple reports and did nothing perhaps for years... they're claiming it is the Democrats playing politics that Foley's actions came out now.

And then... and then... the Republicans tried to blame Clinton for the mess with North Korea. And that is after they had both houses and the presidency for how long?

I only hope that in November, the American public will show that they have learned.


Tom said...

The problem, Roy, is that none of these events occur in a vacuum. Yes, Foley is responsible for Foley and who knows how many really knew about it in the Rep. leadership?

It is true tho that there is a double standard, Studds slept with a page and got a standing ovation from Congress for defiantly turning his back on his colleagues who were censuring him. A senator kills a woman and serves his state for the next 40 years.

As for North Korea, the seeds were planted long before GWB took over. He's just not helping matters any thru his own mismanagement of foreign affairs.

roy said...

Hey Tom,

certainly the events do not occur in a vacuum but...

double standard? more like multiple standards. Don't forget that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about an affair with an adult. The current president has lied about things that are much more impactful. Clinton was immoral and it was an abuse of a position of power over another person but the two situations don't even begin to compare.

As for the the Kennedy issue, the standard there had nothing to do with the fact that he is a Democrat. It was becuse he is wealthy and his family has influence. Same thing about someone else who went awol from the Air National Guard during the Viet Namn war. Had he been a black kid from the ghetto, first off he never would have gotten into the air national guard and if he had and then disappeared, when found he would have ended up in jail for a long time.

Yes, the seeds of NK go back well before this administration, indeed back to the 40's, but the bottom line is that no warheads were tested until now and there was no pervasive fear in the world that the US would preemptively attack other nations.

Yes, this administration's foreign policy has been a disaster everywhere in the world that we will be paying for for generations.

Tom said...

The evangelicals are about to bolt, I predict if they haven't already. A book gets released next week that exposes Karl Rove's disdain for the religious right which has been so good to this administration. this will be the most lame duck president in history and he deserves it. I do not mean to come off as an apologist for the right, Roy. And neither side is innocent. I have a feeling we're going to see wht the dems can do in another month after they regain the house and the senate. I hiope they have some solutions ready.

roy said...

no question Tom... neither side is innocent or righteous in DC. And yes, hopefully there will be some new solutions brought to the table.