Thursday, June 13, 2013


One of the joys of a new computer, guitar,  whatever... is that they always come with a series of uneedas - you know, the list of other things you need to make it work right.  I got a tablet a month or so mostly for my music chsrts but quickly decided that there are times when it could replace my laptop.  Right now I'm writing this podt on mh tablet...but thst reveals a uneeda.  Typing via the software keyboard on the screen is actuslly not ss bad as I anticipsted, but the keyboard covers hslf of the screen... so I can't see what I'm typing and there are scor3s of typos (at first I toggled the keyboard off and tried to fix them but then I decided that they prove my point) I guess I need a bluetooth keyboard.

That is the nsture of s consumer society.  Each new aquisition open doors requiring more stuff and ineed some stuff comes with a list of uneedax, literally without which it will not work.  That shiny new computer may not run any of your old software without updates... that gorgeous acoustic guitar needs a pickup and preamp if you really want to play it live... and this cool tablet requires a bluetooth keyboard if I really want to do any half way serious typing. ?. And maybe a hard case to keep it safe... Iand I already upgraded the memory... on it goes

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Michael Mahoney said...

You get used to it, actually. I can type faster with my thumbs on my tablet now than I can on a laptop. (A real, live, desktop keyboard is still king!)

One thing that helps me is that I keep my tablet in portrait orientation. I can then catch the whole keyboard with my thumbs while holding it.