Friday, May 17, 2013

new tires

We had to replace the tires on my spouse's Honda about a month ago and decided to try out a set of the new low rolling resistance tires to see whether they really impacted mileage.  We have a 35+ mile commute each day so even a small increase would be helpful so it felt worth the try. 

We went with the Nokian eNTYREs as our tire dealer gave us a good price and had good things to say about them.   Our first trip with them was from our home to Oakland to see our daughter and son-in-law.  I was impressed.  Handling was much the same as the previous tires (I forget what they were).  They were a little quieter.  Most important, mileage did increase although it was difficult to tell exactly how much since the mix of highway and city was different for those five days.  Since then as she's been doing her typical driving we have seen a significant increase.  Her typical mileage with the previous set of tires was about 28 mpg.  Since we replaced her tires with the eNTYREs, it has been between 30 and 31.  I'm very, very happy with that number.

I have no idea how they would handle with wet roads or snow, we essentially have neither... especially this year when our rainfall was about 25% of normal which is still technically "semi-arid."  For her situation, I am really pleased with them in every way.  The real question will come when I need tires for my GTI.  I don't know whether they have the size for my car and I'm not sure that I'd be willing to sacrifice my stellar handling for a few miles per gallon... but I might... and that will be a decision to make.

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