Friday, December 31, 2010

running silent

Last Sunday, Cheryl and I headed off to Pacifica for three nights to get away. She has been pretty fried from her work lately and I wasn't feeling much better... so off we went... about a 5 hour drive on Sunday afternoon to a beautiful area on the coast just south of San Francisco. Some nice hiking along the ocean or in the hills and a short drive into SF for museums or across the bay to see Alexis and Christian, all of which we did.

So, we arrived at the hotel (that photo is the view from our room) and unpacked only to discover that I had forgotten my backpack... with my computer. Now, I have a data plan with my phone but hate to use it for e-mail and the web... but I thought I was still OK and could use it if I had to... No signal at the hotel. I was off line FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS!

I survived. Barely. And have a lot to say over the next couple of days.

Happy New Year!

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