Friday, October 09, 2009

political contributions

Here's a very interesting page with some useful graphics that show how different companies contribute to the Democratic and/or Republican parties.

It will help me decide how I spend my money.


Everett said...

What is missing in the graphic description of companies making political contributions is UNIONS, especially government employee unions, and large private contributions that are ideologically driven.

Many companies give to power, who is expected to win or who is in office.

roy said...


at least unions represent real working class people.

But, my preference would be public financing of elections to remove all of the above from the equation.

Or if not public financing, maybe we should do what Thom Hartman advocates and have our representatives each wear the logos of the corporations, unions, individuals who are the top twenty givers to their campaigns, like NASCAR drivers, so we at least know who they are really representing.