Tuesday, May 12, 2009

big government

With all of the folk complaining about "big government" these days, I'm thankful for big government. Resources came from all over the state of California and were organized and coordinated and paid for by... the government all to fight the Jesusita Fire. If we hadn't had "big government" at work in Santa Barbara literally thousands of homes would have been lost and who knows how many lives.

Yesterday I heard Dennis Miller say that single payer healthcare would be "like the post office only with wounds." Two observations... everybody gets mail from the post office and I don't remember the last time they lost something of mine. And... so, if you don't like the post office, why not look at the parts of government that you do like? Miller LOVES the military? Would he argue that we privatize the military? Would he have privatized the fire fighting effort in SB? Would he make all roads private so that with every change of ownership you had to stop and pay a toll?

So where should the government be involved? Anything that has to do with the commons... and that includes roads and firefighting and the military and... healthcare.


Mark said...

hmmm...I actually never thought of it that way. I guess we'll eventually see if the health care system does indeed get an overhaul. I'm skeptical...but why not give it a try?

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

While no one likes paying those taxes, those taxes do the things that we demand, yea, even need.

Good insight.