Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President Obama

When I was a boy there was a song - "Only in America, a poor boy like me can grow up to be president." It fed the dreams of some of my friends. We knew we could do anything and become anything. The future was completely open to us. Others knew that it didn't apply to them, they are black. Others knew it didn't apply to them, they are female. This presidential campaign made the possibility of that song apply to all of us... a black man as candidate for president and a woman for vp on the other ticket. In either case, it would have been an historical election. The promise of our nation is there for all Americans.

Now, Obama was not my first choice among the Democrats but he was my choice over McCain. As his campaign moved along I came to see that he was the best choice. He ran a superb campaign that at least hints at the way he will run the nation. He is not a messiah and he will face some very difficult times. Still, I believe that he is uniquely capable to lead the United States through these difficult days and I believe that he is uniquely positioned to restore the stature of the United States in the world. I have hope for the first time in 8 years.

President Obama! That sounds good to me!


Toni Ertl said...

Roy - I hope you're right, and that he's good for both the US and the rest of us.

fernando said...

The weight of expectation on his shoulders is heavy, but there are so many indications that he will be better for all of us.

steph said...

I am proud to be an American today! Obama restores faith in the democartic process, and will restore dignity and statesmanship to the office of President. He is an inclusive symbol of the audacity of hope'.