Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Well, I read her speech from last night and it seems anything but a concession. I went to her website to leave a note telling her what I think she should do, only to discover that she already began the note for me - "I'm with you Hillary and I'm proud of everything we're fighting for."

I'm not so I didn't leave a note. She'll have to read it here. Hillary needs to concede immediately and spend every waking minute of every day telling her supporters that she lost the race fairly and squarely and that they ought to throw all of their support behind Obama. She should campaign for him in Appalachia. She should campaign among Latinos. She should visit every gathering of feminists and shout from the rooftop that this is not the time when we will have the opportunity to vote for a woman for president. That day is yet to come (and it will come). In the meantime, vote for Barack Obama.

There are those who argue that she should become VP. They argue that she deserves it and that if she is not on the ticket that a large percentage of her supporters will vote for McCain. They present Hillary and Obama as a dream ticket. I think this is a mistake for a lot of reasons.

1. Hillary has HUGE negative ratings. Yes, there are folk who love her but there are huge numbers who just plain hate her. It doesn't matter what she says or does, they just hate her. Having her on the ticket will energize those folk to get out to vote for McCain, a candidate that they're not excited about and who, without some other issue going on, may inspire them to stay home on election day.

2. She has alienated a lot of democrats during this campaign, especially in the African America community.

3. If Hillary concedes with grace and honesty, and then campaigns furiously for Obama, she can deliver many or most of her supporters to him.

4. Bill Clinton. Do we really think having him back at the white house is a good thing?

5. Don't we remember what the Republicans did while Bill was president? Don't we remember all of the ugliness and attacks. Don't we anticipate they'll pull out the same issues all over again?

6. There are positions where Hillary can make more of a difference than as VP. Put her on the cabinet, working on the health care mess. Let her run for governor of New York and let Obama help heal the wounds that she has inflicted in the black community by campaigning for her. Let her continue in the Senate where she could exercise significant leadership.

7. Having her on the ticket just feeds the frustration of her supporters and impede the healing that is needed in the party.

8. Most importantly, Obama has promised a different kind of politics. As far as I can see, he has exemplified this in his campaign. Hillary's campaign has been politics as usual. How can she possibly fit into his ticket?

So Hillary, do what you should have done as soon as the numbers became clear weeks ago - pull out and throw your support behind Obama. Stop the veiled threats. Stop calling into question the integrity of the process and its results. Stop playing games and move on. If you need to attack someone, go after McCain.

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Anonymous said...

I agree completely with your post on Hillary- and I'm guessing that there is a lot of agreement waiting in many of your entries.

I'm a pastor, too. I told the congregation on Sunday that I wanted to convert Christians into being followers of Jesus.

I'm looking forward to more perusing here..