Saturday, May 10, 2008


Guitar players can obsess over the smallest details. We worry about which strings will sound best. We are subject to arguments over which cable will transmit the sound best from the guitar to the amp and sometimes are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on each facet of the tone chain. We argue about what type of transistor sounds best in which position in an amplifier. Some of us seek out NOS tubes like junkies looking for a fix. Acoustic players argue over the sound characteristics of different woods and whether currently available Brazilian rosewood sounds as good as wood that was available years ago. One amazing guitarist, Eric Johnson, even claims to be able to hear the difference of different brands of 9 volt batteries in his effects boxes. (Listen to him play - I'm not going to argue!)

Some of us spend huge amounts of money and even more time researching these little details to get our tone just right. Of course, that is time that isn't spent practicing or making music.

DC Guitar Journal has a wonderful post about this with the photo below from the circuit board of a Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive (a great sounding overdrive pedal that I don't own). Jon Blackstone evidently got it right...

stop obsessing and play some music. got that right

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