Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Yesterday, Cheryl and I drove south to Ventura for a few errands on our day off. There is a lengthy section of the drive that goes right along the ocean. It was a glorious day with Santa Ana winds making everything as clear as it could be. The Channel Islands looked as if they were close enough to touch. As I was driving I glanced out and saw a spout of water about 50 yards out to sea. It was much too big to be a splash from a diving bird so I watched as carefully as I could while driving down the highway at 65+ mph... and then I saw its back come up out of the water - a whale! This really is a wondrous place to live.

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bob said...

Any day that you get to see a whale jump from the water is a glorious day indeed. Some people go out on boats and never see one. The best part of life is those unexpected pleasures that you never seem to have a camera for. Life is good Roy enjoy every day.