Monday, August 14, 2006

Soliton August '06

This past weekend was Soliton. It was my second year to be part of the gathering and I have to tell you that I was really looking forward to it. As things worked out, I missed the first day as my wife was having torn cartilage repaired in her knee, but I got there for Friday & Saturday.

The theme was "hospitality." The concept was stretched in the pragmatic realm as there were more participants this year and because the hosting community - The Bridge of Ventura - lost their space some months ago. The results were that the various sessions were hosted in the Presbyterian Church, member's homes, a park, etc. More importantly though the concept was stretched with questions pushing us to consider the implications of hospitality for peacemaking, evangelism, institutional and personal change...

There will be a lot for me to chew on (as there was in the previous year). The question of what is clean and unclean and how the Trickster transforms the unclean and brings about redemption will be on the burner a lot for the coming days.

Probably the most important part of the event for me is connecting with folk that I met there and may only see there. It is wonderful to know that our ties go across geography, theology, age, and culture.

I would highly recommend that you all put this event on your calendar for next year.


Suzanna said...

It was a pleasure seeing you again and meeting your daughter. Meeting together again tends to overshadow any new "knowledge" I may have gotten there. I am offered the challenge to grow and learn all year so I can bring something of worth to the table.
And thank you for the sympathy on Friday. -pesky optimists!

si said...

good to see you Roy. sorry we didn't get more time to talk...but i've found myself writing that on other people's blogs also. i guess that's what happens as it gets bigger. maybe we should limit to 30 people next year ;)
good to meet Alexis.
take cacre fella

Rob said...

I was relived to see that you were there. Getting to spend time with you and Alexis was defiantly one of the highlights of the event for Ang and myself.

angela said...

agreed! thank you for being there for us. it was great to have somewhere to come and lay some of our burdens down. thanks again.